Micra K13, 2012 - Rain water at the rear seat footwells

I have a Micra K13 2012 4 door,.

I have noticed that there is a lot of rain water the rear seat footwells and the carpets are soaked.

There is no sunroof on the car and all window and door seals are fine and windows are closed.

I have read that this is common problem with Micra’s and it can sometimes be water entering in from the back headlights, is this true?

Pls can someone advise what the problem is?


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The rear lights could be an issue, but there are quite a few places where water could come in.... Lights, boot lid seals, door seals, antenna..... I am not aware of a common issue...

Although if it was the rear lights, then i doubt it would work its way to the rear seat footwell, it would have to fill up the spare wheel well... have you inspected that?

There have been quite a few flooded roads recently... have you driven through deep water?

The best way to try and track this down is to have somebody run a hose pipe over the car whilst somebody is inside looking for water ingress.
I have found out the problem. The water is coming from the rear lights. The water goes inside the rear lights and then runs inside the side of the spare wheel well and then must go beneath the back seats onto the footwells under the carpets…


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thanks for posting back! Thats really interesting that rain is making its way from that far back to the rear footwells but something to keep an eye on!

Was the spare wheel well dry or wet?