Low MPG and low estimated miles to empty, any guidance please.

Hi folks
Any guidance on this please? Would be most appreciated. I have a 2008 1.2 16v K12, it’s been fully serviced within the last few months, new sparks, air filters, oil change etc. I have recently been finding that the estimated miles to empty won’t get above the 300s even on a full tank as per pictures. It keeps dropping mile by mile when moving very short distances. MPG on car is being recorded at about 45 but if I got 320 miles in the real world thus would be more like 35mpg so it doesn’t add up.

Weirdly it wasn’t running like this before the service, was previously getting about 400 miles per tank. I’ve reset the trips so I can see what I actually get on the full tank this time around I’ve done around 9 miles since I reset. Tyres are pumped up and oil is at max level.
Pics below. Many thanks


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