Licence plate lamp fix: cost £13.50

Known major problem for K12s is the licence plate lamp leaks water, and the spring electrode under the bulb corrodes and breaks off requiring a whole new fitting.
current price from nissan is £30 + VAT (and €60+vat in ROI)
Big problem os it's out of stock on long term back order.
there are very few in the scrap yards as its a design flaw and they'll all be breaking.

Car needed an NCT for a buyer (sale subject to passing test and they failed it due to this fault)

I went to a place that sells trailer parts and got a hermetically sealed front marker LED fitting. it's round and small enough to fit inside the clear plastic of the original fitting.

I cut off the bottom of thee old bulb holder. the new LED almost fits into the slot for the bulb, and it's PSU fitted down through the hole below I made.
the rubber grommet around the LED stops it moving about inside the original lens

I crimped on a new connector (carefull about polarity) to fit the existing wiring loom.


Cost £10 for the LED fitting
£3.50 for the matching connector

new parts are fully waterproof so not vulnerable to the same fault.

totally reversable if someone wanted to restore to original type of lamp when fittings are in stock at Nissan


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