Leaky Sunroof

So I've got the '99 facelift model and the sunroof leaks water around the front - I've poured water down the drain holes at either side and it seemed to go through fine...any other suggestions of what the issue might be?
Yeh so it seems to come through the interior cover at the front, and drips down onto the seats (see pics)


Hi could be that the sunroof drain holes are blocked? The front one is located on the drivers side in the corner of the sunroof recess which drains down a pipe through the A pillar into the gap between the drivers side front wing! The rear one is at the back of the drivers side recess and the pipe runs above the food lining and down through the C pillar draining into the rear drivers side sill (terrible design) just forward of the rear wheel arch! :-(
Andy B-)
I had a problem like this. I peeled back the roof lining and i saw the drain pipe tube things were not connected to the sunroof. in the picture you can see the drain pipes for the sunroof, i would check and see if yours are connected as that may be why they are leeking


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I am having the same problems, leaks onto my seat, and then it looks like I had an accident when I get out!!! the pipe idea sounds good to check as a first port of call and then check out other ideas, I have two old Nissan Micra K11, my tatty blue one 18 years old failed it's mot on one number plate light out, they popped a light in and passed straight through. Good blog Ta
This is mine I put some sealant on outside now it still has leak but now I can’t open sunroof plus is this normal to have a gap outside on rubber? See pics


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