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Hello, I have a Micra K11 and have only one key. The car has only done 27000 miles and is in very good order so I intend to keep it on the road for many years. I do all the jobs on it myself but I would like another key. Is there anyway to get another key with the correct tab on it to start the car if my key gets lost or develops a fault. I would not like to send my only key away in case it went missing. I live on the Shetland isles where resources are limited. Thank you.
If you have a first facelift car (big headlights but with distributor) you can quite easily (needs a little soldering or wiring work) swap in a pre-facelift ECU that does not have NATS and a plain metal key will work. Otherwise you will need to have the immobilizer chip copied or programmed for the new key, though most automotive locksmiths should be able to do this
Hello, Thank you for the reply. I have no distributor and have fuel injectors. I am a retired 84 year old elecrical engineer with a lot of out of date electronic experience and although everybody says that there is no way round the transponder situation I am sure that there must be. I would like to get some information as to how the key transponder interacts with the wire coil round the ignition switch. What type of signal is sent to the computer and would it be possible to build something that would replicate the signal. If the batteries for unlockin/locking the car door are no longer working how does the key transponder work. What powers it if it needs power. So many questions but there seems to be a lack of information on this site to answer some of these. I am sure that there is someone out there that has a full understanding of this system so come on please and share your knowledge.