K11 whiteline supplier and prices


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These are the prices by demon tweeks for whiteline gear. Its cheaper buying from them rather than buying from Oz and shipping over.

KCA412 - Camber Kit - £27.91 -
KCA373 - Castor/Traction Kit - £37.81 -
KSB708 - Lower Control Brace - £43.43 -
KSB605 - Upper Control Brace - £72.06 -
KPR025 - Adjustable Panhard Rod - £39.53 -

BNF30 - Front Sawybar - £61.61
BNF31 - Front Swaybar kit - £76.77

BNR29Z - Rear Adj Swaybar - £81.48
BNR29XZ - Read Adj Swaybar HD - £74.80

70142 - Front Springs - £64.01
70140 - Rear Springs - £64.01

All prices are PLUS VAT !!!

A group buy will be done in the new year, all the items will be delivered to ONE address and collection will have to be arranged from there.

Please no time wasters or people pulling out. This is a very big opportunity to make some good links with tuning companies. Anyone that wants to join the group buy must be willing to pay upfront in full and accept what discount we can get out of Demon Tweeks.

Contact Mike if u have any queries on the group buy....


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Cheers for bringing this across neil, saved me the hassle of doing it.

Amazingly had no takers so far, we still have a big enough group of to get a good discount from Demon Tweeks hopefully. I would recommend anyone that has lowered their car, to splash out another £100 and get the camber, castor and panhard kit as these will make a better handling car.


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As far as its been explained to me, its helps improve handling.

A lowered K11 will have uneven tire wear due to incorrect camber and toe in/toe out, but seriously. Once you lower you car, the tracking can't be reset properly.

Whiteline do camber correction bolts to enable adjustment of front camber. They also do an anti-lift/castor kit, but this is not adjustable, it just changes the front castor to the optimum for Whitelines spring/shock combination. The panhard rod links the rear axle to the body. It is a fixed length so as you lower the car, the whole axle is pushed to the right.


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Demon Tweeks have intially offered us a discount of 15% on all Whiteline gear. The exception being the shocks, which are subject to a 5% discount. This discount will increase depending on how more people are willing to join.

In regards to payment, Tweeks have put forward the following
To process the orders, it may be a lot easier for both sides to process each persons order individually if you prefer. When you are ready, a list of names could be emailed through to me, and then each person can place their own order with me, and I'll process with the relevant discount, taking a small deposit at the time of order, with the balance only being charged on dispatch of the goods. Hopefully this will make it a lot easier for you, as you won't have to worry about collecting payments.

Current Confirmed People
James (Nis)
Dave (Davey C)
Dave (Low Rider) some bits


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If you have paid could you let me know.

So far is


Just one left i think


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blah! me ordered basically a full kit springs shocks roll bar strut panhard rod they said they got a few of the things but mainly the whiteline gear aint here like ie i remember springs were 1 of them but how much lower does the springs put the car was it 35 or 40 because the description was abit vague when i ordered...


just out fo intrest is a front upper control brace is the same as a strut brace.
also where does the lower control brace fit.

this stuff is well worth the money. ihave already fitted front and rear white line anti roll bars along with the castor kit. my car has been lowered 35mm on shocks and springs and a sparco front strut brace. and it now handles a dream. there is one annoying down side.
your fuel consumption goes down. i' only get 200 ish from one tank. this is cause now the cars handling alot better you can't resist the urge to drive harder.
Do whiteline supply shocks?

From reading replies I was under the impression they did but there is nothing in their catalogue...

My shocks on the March have worn out and TBH I might as well buy some decent ones


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