K11 UEL and 4-1 Shorty Manifold

Hello everyone!
I want to share my work with you!
I am professional welder and fabricator and I make a lot of exhaust and manifolds for different cars!

I was working on K11 manifolds in past few months and.... here it is!

275460037_4881762181910391_8767640691019966097_n (1).jpg

275252945_4881761811910428_247059744256585506_n (1).jpg

275433210_4881762018577074_4671006017786974012_n (1).jpg

Both fits cars with AC.

Price :

4-1 - 260 GBP + Ship
UEL - 320 + Ship

Has anyone tried this. What would be the performance difference between the two?

I imagine that the UEL would be better for low end torque and the shorty for high end hp.

They look really nice though and I'll be saving up to buy one ;)
Happy to be corrected but afaik UEL headers are only really about sound, performance wise you'd ideally have equal length tubes to promote scavenging and generally 4-1 and short for top end hp and 4-2-1 and longer for low end torque.