Is the ST supercharger really an AMR500?

I've been down a bit of a rabbit hole after trying to look up information on how to check/change the oil on my supercharger. Checking the oil is pretty much sorted thanks to Ed's post here: . The picture clearly shows the same nut I can see on mine.

However, there were mentions that the supercharger would be an Aisin AMR500:

- (working link to autospeed article:

But any pictures of an Aisin AMR500 found on the internet(attached) look different to me from Ed's picture, and to the pictures in my MA engine manual(attached). Most notably, I don't see the oil check nut anywhere. The overall shape looks different as well. I've hightlighted what could be an oil change plug in the pictures of AMR500s.

So, are there different versions of the AMR500? Is the information simply wrong? Have there been different superchargers on STs? Something else?
(Edit: Added picture of an MA09ERT showing the SC)