Interior Fuse box cover repair to broken catch

I broke my fuse box cover the other day, the plastic catch snapped off, not sure how i did it.
I couldve bought another on ebay for 6 or 8 quid but decided to try fix it. Photos showing this fix below.
Glue would never work on such a thin piece of plastic which bends to pop in and out. So another solution was needed.
I made a small bent bracket from an old galvanised roof strut support i had in the scrap box. Any thinish meta will do.
Originally i was going to pop rivet it to the fuse cover, but noticed theres a long thin hole down the front that it would slide in to as long as i put a groove down centre for the plastic piece in middle of the slot. With a bit of trial and error i got the metal piece to the right size and bent at correct angle. Instead of pop riviting it i wrapped the metal part in insulation tape and it holds pretty firm when pushed in the slot. I taped a small piece if plastic to top of the bracket to act as a catch and it seems to hold fine.
If it gets lose i can glue or pop rivet it in, but its fairly rare i beed to get to the fuses.
Quite ab easy fix and stronger than a new plastic one.
hope this helps someone with the same problem.


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