Hot Idling problem


I’m having real trouble with my Figaro after an engine rebuild when the timing belt went.

We can get the car started into higher revs but she comes to a stall once warmed up if left to idle.

Have checked o2 sensor, replaced cold idling valve, checked compression and have tried different settings on the idling settings.

See video link here of revving and stall when left to idle:

1. Could the machine using nissan micro parts rather than original figaro parts in the engine rebuild cause problems?

2. Is there an optimal setting for the idling setting? - see attached photograph.

3. Could the sensors on the engine be setting the wrong fuel / air mix?

Any ideas / suggestions would be great!.


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Have you checked the ecu for fault codes ?
To be honest it's could be one of a few things but it sounds like an air leak.

Have you tried adjusting the idle speed , if looking in from the drivers side it the screw on the far right of the 3 , the middle one sets the idle speed for when loads are put on the engine like lights , fan etc