Hi guys. HELP needed.

Hi guys,

Some of you may know me, i am reece's dad. i am in the middle of fitting the march super turbo engine and box in to reece's k10, i am sttuggling on driveshafts, can anyone help or point me in the right direction


Absolute shot in the dark but would they not be the same as normal k10 ones?

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Speaking from a Canadian perspective, all of the driveshafts from the K10s I have do not fit the MA09ERT box. The input shafts into the box are bigger in diameter and one of the stub shafts is longer to accommodate the viscous LSD. I tried to buy a few LSD driveshafts for similar engined Nissan cars from that era just for the input shaft but I stopped once I located a spare ST engine from Japan. I can check the input shaft against the spare I bought once I get the new engine.