Figaro K10 niggles/ issues

Bought a K10 Figaro last summer. Lovely car but having some issues I could do with advice and guidance on.

1) it seems to kangaroo/ power loss/ drop in revs when accelerating mildly. Between the area where I would say it should be switching from 2nd to 3rd Gear. tends to be between 2K-2.8k rpm at roughly 38mph. Sometimes does it in 1st gear too. Foot flat to the floor but wont pull any harder on the revs. I wonder if its getting correct fuel pressure/ injection.

2) Metallic rattle/grinding from the passenger side usually when turning left or between auto gear changes.

3) White smoke after a long drive on idle/ overrun. I've read this can be a turbo issue however it never does it on short drives.

4) Steering box leaks- Any diagrams or parts lists for the seal arrangements?

This is my first post but hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction.