Excited by my new March Cab, but a steep learning curve and advice needed.

Hi fellow Cabriolet owners, it is just dawning on me how rare my recent purchase is and I have so many things to think about. It arrived here in 2011, and has been underused as a runabout here in Devon until I rescued it. Will share photos of as soon as I have got various commissioning necessities out of the way. It is MOTd but I want to address various maintenance issues knowing that parts don't grow on trees.

I won't describe it yet, as that will spoil the impact of the photos later. :)
It has some of the expected corrosion, which I want to treat pronto. Hood has already been replaced and I have cleaned and reproofed it. Car is basically sound, and considering it hasn't been driven much in recent years is pretty quiet and smooth.

Current areas I need advice on:-
I have read all the threads regarding insurance, and was intending to insure and tax tomorrow as I have waited long enough to enjoy it. Just realised my excellent no claims on my very different A4 Avant tdi cannot also apply to the Micra. Do you know if any of the recommended insurers will mirror or match on a 2nd car?

Have inspected brakes, and they are all down to about 3mm so I want to get them done. ABS, vented discs on front, drums on rear - are they the same as standard Micra, or will it be trickier to match them? ECP has 2 different pads for first and 2nd half of 1997. Want to replace shoes and cylinders at rear, are either of those unique due to ABS?

Passenger side window has power (very quiet hum when either door switch is pressed), but stuck in the up position. Again, is it a standard regulator with motor attached, or is it possible to unseize it after taking door card off?

Any loads off my mind would be very welcome at this crucial (for my sanity) time o_O
Hi Rupert and welcome to the exclusive FHK11 March Cabriolet Club! Blue Print do replacement front brake pads and ventilated discs and also rear brake shoes and master cylinders I will find the part numbers for you and post in the info/parts section. When I completely refurbished my brake system I had to replace the pistons (pots) and seals in my front brakes and to my amazement these parts are the same as my 2002 UK spec k11 1.4i SE+ so some Micra parts do cross-over! As for your passenger side window could be a bad connector etc?
Andy B-)
Hi Andy, thanks for your suggestions. Although there are not many items listed in Euro Car Parts, it does actually have March in the pulldown menu (not the inferior C+C effort I hasten to add). Only shoes and cylinders for rear, so the Blue Print items are going to be handy for the front brakes. I changed the fuel filter yesterday which wasn't hard due to location on bulkhead. Thankfully filters are readily available, and I always use Mann now after seeing a comparison video of what's inside. One thing I find odd is that my UK registration number never comes up with anything on vehicle identification websites. Is this a grey import thing? I have the import certificate for first set of plates so it's all official.

The passenger window will be not functioning due to lack of use, but I don't know if it's electrical or mechanical yet, though have ruled out switches. You have had your door panel off, but do you know anyone who has had mechanism out? Thinking of stripping driver's side to lubricate and learn how it should be, then use knowledge to compare with other side. Doesn't look like very big hole to remove mechanism though.

My car is one of the rare black ones, nahhh as if. I have the much more sunworthy Aqua Green like your good self. Not found a source of paint yet, is it the same as Green Metallic available on UK K11s? No rattle cans to be seen, but Halfords have quite a range of colours to match from.
Andy I'm pretty sure my car is the same as yours. My calipers are also marked 18V, I just couldn't see the full shape of the pads inside. That's good news, do you have a link to any of the same pattern you used with dimensions please?
Andy I'm pretty sure my car is the same as yours. My calipers are also marked 18V, I just couldn't see the full shape of the pads inside. That's good news, do you have a link to any of the same pattern you used with dimensions please?
Hi Rupe I will try and find the Blue Print box the March pads came in it actually had March on it and the part reference number! B-)
his is a 97 tho aint it ?
Nissan Japan only produced the FHK11 in 1997, mine looks different because I upgraded the original JDM March plastic headlight units to 2002 Micra UK spec ones and also the original rear light clusters to JDM 2002 AK11 March Kouki units! B-)
Some of them are different, well I mean, I've seen one with factory fitted, REAR headrests. Ok, sure, it's not much, but it is different from the usual ones that are rarely seen. And it's safer, far, far safer for rear passengers. Shane. (just saying, was all!)