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DIG_S HR12DDR k13 micra fault code solution P0014, P0300

I hope this info helps , it occurred on my 2014 30,000 mile k13 during lockdown when Nissan support was non existent
Symptom... erratic tickover with misfire, Mil light on
- yellow/green ? warning light for .Auto start disabled --Flashing
Limp mode on,.. engine wont rev above 2900 rpm without almost cutting out

I understand that this is a popular fault and cost about £700 to repair, well read on if you are mechanically minded and want to save £500
I tried draining the oil (previous change 3000 ago),flushing oil for 30 mins on tickover then new oil and filter....no different for my car although I understand it can solve some peoples problems

I removed the exhaust variable valve timing solenoid which is located ,hidden from view, in the rear side of the timing chest cover ,
on the o/s of the engine. it is snug behind a black convoluted air hose which is something to do with the turbo?..you have to release the air filter box (1 x 10mm bolt) and hitch it out of the way. This gives access to the afore mentioned air hose which is secured to alloy manifold by a large integral spring clip. It is easy to lever out the clip and slide the hose off the manifold. This hose can be pushed forward giving you enough room to squeeze a hand between the bulkhead under the screen to get at the VVT. (1 x 8mm bolt) and a plug to remove. It came out easily with a twist.
Note that the Inlet VVT same part no. is on the front facing side of the same cover and in plain sight. Mine was seized solid and i havent managed to remove it
I cleaned/lubricated the VVT whilst splashing 12v across the two terminals. Mine appeared to be 100% good. This threw me because the engine was still faulty afterwards, It was only by replacing with a new part and clearing the MIL codes that the problem was solved. I guess that engine oil pressure was overcoming the shuttle slide or the solenoid didnt have the energy to overcome oil pressure in service.
The good news is I found a genuine Nissan source in Germany, Paid 188Euros via paypal and 5 working days later, the new part arrived
The VVT solenoid part no. 23796-3HD2A is only available as a Genuine nissan part. Price seems to vary between £600 Nissan and £350 internet.
The company is Autohaus Schloffel but you need to register on an English language online-teile.com webpage https://www.online-teile.com/nissan-ersatzteile/237963HD2A_Spare-Part.html?language=en
It took about 30 mins to replace the part. The P0300 misfire was caused by the engine valve timing being out and not a second fault.
Good luck