Auto Trans fluid type?

Looking to do some service on new-to-me 1989 Pao K10, auto tranny.
No owners manual...
What type trans fluid and how much?
Good afternoon Gentlemen
The Pao was made in the Pike factory along with the Figaro.
The Micra, and Figaro both use Dextron III, as they run at quite a high temperature.
The gearbox number is written on a plate just left (ship's left) of the torque converter bell, and forward of the big round black cap.
On the Micra it is the RL3F01A gearbox, which has a torque converter lock, to improve fuel economy on a long drive.
The Figaro has the RN3F01A. Both have a capacity of 6 litres, but you can not drain the torque converter, which holds about 2 litres.
If you want to replace the oil in that, then you have to drain and refill at least 3 times. The old oil is good for preserving your fence panels though, specially when mixed with old engine oil. Anyone bring to vault the fence gets an oily shirt to boot.
I hope this helps.