Am I allowed to post things for sale?

I am a new arrival...

Can anyone tell me if I am allowed to post photos and descriptions of parts I have for sale and my contact details?

Facebook seems to be taking over these days, there are several Micra groups on there, although mostly it is K11 related with very little on the other models.
I have for sale:

K12 preface lift centre console and separate front cup holder compartment.
K12 preface lift double din radio surround with air vents.
K12 preface lift double din 6 CD Radio (without bluetooth) with original code card.
K12 face lift aux socket.
thanks.. the back bumper has a few cracks (not too bad though) can these be fixed as they're plastic ?
it needs the catches "I think where it meets the arch (left arch) white plastic ones I think , its hard to see without taking off. also could do with two new front lights, I see they come in a black colour? the ones on the car are a bit misty ! and lastly a front grill, the little lights have a crack, was there an upgrade grill for these?
its a clean little car though...


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Yeah that looks straight and clean, well looked after.

I am just about to buy new headlights, as you can see mine are past their best, you can't see from the photos that apart from the green moss effect they are kind of blown inside, don't know how else to describe it. I believe the Sport and Tekna models have the dark tinted lights you talk about, I'll be looking on Autodoc for some Valeo replacements.

Regarding the grills, as you can see I have replaced what you have with the facelift versions, they are a straight swap.


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I removed those from a written off car I bought from Copart, it was repairable, I shipped what was left of the car to a buyer in Japan.

You can find them on eBay but not often, they are rare and sell quickly, eBay is full of the pre facelift versions like yours.

For the headlights I will look on for some of the Valeo, they are good quality and were an OEM supplier to Nissan.
Just re read that you wrote: the back bumper has a few cracks (not too bad though) can these be fixed as they're plastic ?

You'd need to get them fixed by either having them plastic welded or some sort of epoxy resin filler, either method would most likely involve a full respray of the whole bumper, not back to bare plastic, just repaired, flatted down and resprayed.
Where is copart?
The car is 2007, Micra inita “ I think its called, I am it fluent in plate years like a “56” or what it means, ( live in Belfast ) as you can tell by the reg!...

So how come a buyer from japan bought your car!

will the front lights fit my car ok?
Copart have branches all over the UK and the world, have look here>>>

Yes a Micra Initia is correct, it was the base model when it was new.

Here in the UK mainland, there are two registration periods every in March and September, for example in 2019 the registrations or plates (number plates) were 19's in March and 69's in September so for example EY19 TYR or EY69 TYR.

I exported the car to Japan because that is my line of business.

It depends what FRONT LIGHTS you mean, if you are talking about the indicator grills, yes they are a straight swap, if you mean the headlights then they have subtle differences for different years and models, best look at your existing headlights for the part numbers on the sides and match them on the internet.

The facelift came in for the 08 March 2008 registration period, the pre facelift models stopped in September 2007
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Thanks for that!
Yes .. looking to replace grill
And front headlamps...
sounds like a nice job you have exporting cars

Did you do the indicator grill swap and the headlights?

Exporting cars is OK, it's not a full time occupation, you only make money if you can share containers with other sellers otherwise the cost of shipping is sometimes double the cost of the car value.