1.0 3Door Manual K10 Micra (F568 NTT) MA10 42k For Sale

Hi Everyone!

Long time lurker on here, thanks for the great reads for the longest time!

I have a 1.0 3Door Manual K10 Micra (F568 NTT) MA10 42k I have been stripping down and its been sat in the garage for a about a year now. I've sadly not had much time to work on it and I have now lost my job and will have to relocate to London. That means I can't take my car with me. I was going to sell it to a friend but that has now fallen through and I am running out of time to get rid of it. I really don't want to scrap it for a couple hundred quid, the engine is great, its only got 40k Miles on it, I'd rather it go to another enthusiast who will make good use of it or at least the parts.

What I've done:
Stripped front end bumper and lights,
Stripped Hood
Stripped Left wing
Stripped Left door
Stripped Boot Gas Lifts
Stripped interior except dash/steering.

I will put all parts, most of which are labelled in bags with fittings in the back of the car.

I've put the wheels back on and the driver seat so you will be able to drive it onto a trailer/truck, its currently SORN.

Is anyone interested in having it for 300quid? I have two keys, I'll throw in two jack stands for free with the car.

I will get pictures from the garage in a couple hours, and will attach them in a reply to my post.

Many thanks,