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  • heya ralph. hope u got home ok from the show ;)
    bores machined to exact round spec,
    new rings bedded-in over 3-4k on 20w50 mineral,
    end gaps we're spot on spec before bed-in and slightly wider after bed-in but still in spec,
    fitted 2x stiffer oil ring expanders no difference,
    new stem seals,
    hotter 91c thermostat,
    just tried all grades of synthetic oils 0w30 through to 10w60 and its just as wet.
    all info on blog as usual.
    I'm going to swap to standard exhaust now, try MOT to see if it actually passes, if not then I have to fit a stock engine to pass it and work on the forged engine later on
    she passed MOT btw. the cars gonna have to be put on back burner due to work.

    at work I just made a brief car related demo where u can explode-out and see all the car parts, and is viewable on a PC browser, which I thought u might be interested in.
    will keep u updated when it's finished n live.
    hey mate did you sort out white dials for your car ?
    the custom 1's you made and posted about ?
    i live in channel islamds and there are no scrap yards over here and was wondering if you could send me a copy u made ?
    stencil wise only by email plz plz or any info how to do ?
    the dials i made are a copy of the super S dials, so if you don't have super S dials i can't help you out. also the dials were hand drawn in photoshop and the files are very big, i don't know if its possible to email them
    Hi Nex could you do me a big favour please and help us out I am trying to offer my car on the forum but this greedy lot will not let me post it. I am desperate to sell so logically trying to sell to someone on here,but logic does not come into could you kindly post it for sale thread if I give you all the details please.(I am r69bop ) incase your wondering who it is I had arun in with that idiot Hugh.
    Thnaks for reading pal.
    hi nex,
    george here, ed says he can sort me an ECU without immob - stick it in and off ye go.....more or less.
    i am waiting for a reply from him about this.
    anyfink else you can think of with this prob?
    thanks for the buzz so far,
    hey nex hows things just to let you know that i might finally have another car lined up its a minter
    Yay! What car you picking up - GX or LX? But yes definitely should meet - it's been an age :(
    hey nex hows things im gettin my longer wheel studs fitted next weekend then its on to backbox and cold air feed then im gonna leave it at that i reckon i cant justify lowering it because i havnt got a drop kerb at my house
    I'd rather you didn't come in an ambulance -I'd prefer you to be better, but still sounds cool! :D
    You WILL feel well and you WILL come to JAE!! ;)
    Sorry to hear that though dude, being ill sucks :(
    Yay! Not long! Haven't been working too hard only used to be on 38 pages - just now rejigged and reworked! :D
    How's your story coming?
    ive started to spray the interior black to get rid of that crappy grey that they have on them from factoryive dun the ashtray so far and it looks good rest ill do soon and dont worry ive not forgotten bout visiting u ova in sweden wont be able to attend JAE coz my car aint nowhere up to standard
    if you ducted yours did you get it from a diy shop or a motor spares place coz if its a diy store i work for wickes so i can get some from there and im just gonna go for a backbox by janspeed just to give it a slightly meatier note from the back end
    hey nex just a quick question do you think i could put ducting from the throttle body to the front of the car to make a front mounted induction system for half the price of a manufacturers one

    hope you can help me coz i want more bhp out of mine
    nah ive decided against it now id much rather stick with the micra and even if i do get rid itll be for a k12 so im keeping it micra all the way getting some ht leads and hoses in blue so it will go well with the bodywork
    hey nex hows things ive got a super s spoiler coming cant wait to get it fitted it needs a respray ive gone off the euro look ill be over to see you soon ive got a couple of holidays to go on first then ill work something out se du snart kompis (see you soon mate) ive also chromed up my rocker cover it looks alright needs some work on it though
    Ill be over to see you soon it will be good ill bring the micra ill get the ferry over i should be getting a super s spoiler in a couple of weeks for 42 quid now that will change my car c u soon m8 danny1.0l
    nex do you know anyone hu sells a cheap widearch bodykit coz i think ill go for the euro look coz i think it will look the nuts wot dya reckon matey and i havnt gone off the idea of coming over to see you
    hey nex hows things just a quick question does my car have a catalytic convertor on it coz im thinking of changing the exhaust system on it inc manifold then im gonna put a front mounted air intake on coz that would increase performance
    i just want something that has air con power steering abs and just a bigger engine than a 1.0 ill still be coming to meets after nxt march but in my new car like i said my standards are raising in the world of cars and the mazda2 has a euro ncap 5star rating
    hey mate just to let you know that ill be getting a new car nxt march either a mazda2 or a suzuki swift they are both still a jap car but im looking for something better now my standards are raising in the world of cars
    yeah mate im serious ill c how many more days ive got left to book off at work and ill work round trying to get over and see u after ive had my holiday with mi dad and sis how bout it also how long does it take to get there driving
    im putting my steel wheels back on til i get the longer whel studs i need u over in sweden yet ill have to come visit you someday wot dya reckon
    ive fitted my radiator i managed to get a second hand rad and fan combo for bout 35 of ebay the sellers feedback is 98.8percent positive im sure ill find out c u @ JAE IF I CAN GET THERE all thats left to do now is get longer studding for the wheels and wen the mot is dun get the sill welded on the drivers side
    Matt H is MPH on the forum, he has a trade in the trade section, i belive the guy who looked under your bonnet was called paul in real life, cant remember his forum name tho
    what was the name of that boy that looked under my bonnet with you wen we parked on 2nd floor you know wen u first diagnosed it as ive forgot either forum name or real name would be good or both if you can source it
    ive tried looking for matt h on the members list but i cant find him is he undera forum name that u didnt tell me yeah will look on forums to see wot i can do to make my car quicker arnold said hes to get his pics on later on so ill be able to see the pics of your sky ball wen bowling
    nice one ill tell arnold to get the pics up on his website asap ill get on to him and ask how much he does them for i want to get back on the road and another thing is there any way i can increase bhp on mine coz its so slow
    yeah it was a bummer especially as i spent 325 on the wheels so ive got to get longer wheel studding new rad and fan witch ive seen on ebay being sold together for bout 40 second hand then i can keep the piping for it and just drop it in so in a nut shell ALOT OF WORK TO DO hopefully ill be able to get on the stand for jae coz that would be excellant
    i managed to get home in the end a bit of rad weld dun it only to face another dillema going through falmer my bloody wheel feel of on the front passenger side diagnosis is it needs longer wheel studding i was doing 45-50 all the way back to bexley after
    yeah course it will all thats left to do is a deep clean and detail on the car ive already t-cutted the entire thing made that as white as casper and put on the seat covers as tight as poss hoover it and fill up with petrol then its all set for sunday c u then. my grill looks so cool definately the best 25 quid ive spent
    Got me open mouth grill of richie today it looks the nuts i tell you you can see a pic of it on my profile if you want c u sunday dan
    nice one it should be a good day im covering alot of miles that day coz ive got to go eastbourne to visit my old man BRIGHTON THE MSC ARE COMING
    i will probably get there just before, i will have to check on the GPS and work out what time to go
    wot time u gettin down there on sunday coz me noddie(with girlfriend) wgc_daz and his mate will be getting down there near enough the time on the thread see you then dan
    nice one mate :) my car will look like a shed lol, it looks better dirty because it hides the scratches lol

    i think the seat covers would look good if you can get them tight enough, i actually unbolted my seats from the rails to really fit the covers well. they look pretty good :)
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