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  • Well, soon it will be road going. lol. but will be back off during the winter to get boosted!! :D
    just bits off ebay, cost me £18 all in, just need to get a roll of copper pipe, but bnq are all over that! lol

    Best idea nothing!!!.:wasntme:
    100 quid form the scrappy and you could get it all done in under a day!!! best tonne youll ever spend!!! :D(Y)

    aye, ill give u a shout when its all dun (well it wont ever be all done i dont think) but when its together! lol.
    well it runs aye!! !lol, but the breaks went. lol. bought a pipe bender / cutter / flarer, so ill be making all new break lines soon, get them going through the inside of the car for madness! lol. but id say a couple of weeks.
    for the 15 minits it did run it was amazin, get a 1.3 block ### sake, in and oot in 5ish hours, and coilies!!! :D:D:D
    A bit of both to be honest mate...
    I think too many of them want commitment though, something am not willing to part with lol
    Am at Coventry uni doing Occupational therapy mate.
    So that means living the student life.... no money, little food, dance music and drunken gals lol
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