Would Citeron AX GT carbs make an ideal bolt on upgrade?



you thinking the twin carb version? also some pug 205 1.4`s had them, i ran an ax gt single carb on my 1.0 205 and it was ok prolly needed setting up but if you can do it i shudnt see why not :)

or you could buy my mini cooper s supercharger :p


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i wouldnt call it bolt on, it aint that simple,

but i'm in the process of doing this myself. i doubt very much it would work on a standard 1.0 pietro, the ax gt puts out 85bhp standard compared to your 50bhp. I used to have an AX GT and its not just a small engine with a big carb, there is other bits and pieces which are there which produce the big power in the end.

just get a exaust system, weber carb, 1.2 cam and filter on yours, get it set up properly.

or just drop a MA12 in which would make ur car faster than all of the above.


was thinking why not use a webber,,,im not k10 ,but i should imagine thats the best carb to use


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All of these mods are pretty pointless when the inlet manifold is just as restrictive as carbs! You need to change them both for any real effect.


elliots car has twin webers i think, elliots car sounds like concord...while crashing... its THAT loud, but its not loud for the sake of being loud, its like a symphony, it sounds realy nice, and is realy loud, so loud and nice it makes me sick...god damn elliot, you own a skyline and i bet your k10 is louder than that... wtf!


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lol, cheers Ric... my car doesn't have twin webbers though, it has a single webber. :)

I don't know why it is that loud.... but loads of people have told me that it's one of the loudest cars they've ever heared. :D

It is louder than my Skyline... but only because it has a standard exhaust... and as for my celica.... that was louder (From knocking from the engine ;) ) untill it blew up on a round-about. :( New engine time for that methinks. :D