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Jan 2010
Diagnose sticking rear hub
Trakrite wheel alignment gauge
Replace rear ABS hub
Assess tyre wear

Feb 2010
Replace rear left calliper
Skim rear brake discs
Rebuild rear calliper handbrake mechanism
Clean fuel gauge sensor
Replace rear left handbrake
Fixed sticking rear brake callipers

Rear brake calliper mount measurement

Mar 2010
Research into Rota Grid alloy wheels
Replace outer CV boot
Replace fuel tank breather pipe
Fix sticking fuel gauge needle

Upgrade to Pulsar GTIR brakes (AD22VF)
Upgrade to 15" Rota Grid Racing alloys & Toyo T1R
Insurance issue

Vinyl sunstrip
Replace missing front alloy cap
Upgrade to grooved Pulsar discs
Center Pulsar disc on K11 hub
Clean & store old 13” Nissan Ronal alloy wheels

Apr 2010
Upgrade to Goodridge braided brake hoses
New rear brake disc (page 5 post 203)
Upgrade gear selector linkage bush with ball bearings (page 5 post 208)
Overhaul sun roof (page 5 post 220)
Replace clutch pedal with bi-stable spring type (page 5 post 228)
Install electric sun roof (page 5 post 228)

Underseal the front crossmember (page 6 post 262)
Replace gear selector linkage (page 6 post 278)
Repaint & refit Nissan badge (page 6 post 278)

May 2010
Mega UK Trip (page 6 post 280)
Painted Toyo tyres (page 6 post 280)

June 2010
Strengthened clutch cable end bracket (page 6 post 292)
Upgrade to Black Diamond fast track front pads (page 6 post 300)

July 2010
Skim & machined front grooved discs (page 7 post 309)
CAI pipe V4.0 (page 7 post 312)
Upgrade to Black Diamond fast road rear pads (page 7 post 317)
Repair Pollymobile 1 blown HG (page 7 post 332)
Refine CAI pipe (page 7 post 346)

August 2010
Rockingham Speedway track day (page 7 post 367)
Replace outer CV boot (page 8 post 371)
Repaint rear sway bar (page 8 post 374)
Repair door card (page 8 post 378)
Fit final Sparco clutch pedal cover(page 8 post 378)

Prepare for Oulton Park track day(page89 post 389)

Sept 2010
How to replace handbrake cable (page 8 post 393)
Oulton Park track day (page 9 post 401)
Replace front wishbone (page 9 post 406)
Research into coilover suspension (page 9 post 416)
Win complete CG13DE turbo kit on ebay (page 9 post 447)
Assess & overhaul turbo setup (page 9 post 449)
Dismantle turbo kit engine (page 10 post 475)
Wash & overhaul engine (page 10 post 483)
Swap from Janspeed to stock manifold for MOT(page 10 post 488)
Test fit turbo (page 10 post 488)

Compare standard, Janspeed & turbo ECU maps (page 10 post 497)
Overhaul gearbox (page 11 post 512)
Disassemble distributor (page 10 post 520)

October 2010
Stiffen stock engine mount with PU sealant (page 11 post 531)
Receive & fit BC V1 Coilovers (page 12 post 558)
Make coilover covers V1.0 (page 12 post 574)
Removed rattling boot lock rod (page 12 post 596)
Replace punctured rear right tyre(page 12 post 598)

November 2010
Straighten intercooler fins (page 13 post 620)

December 2010
Replace damaged front registration plate (page 13 post 635)
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January 2011
Find rusting sill holes
Assembling turbo setup

Research into dry cell battery
Make loom extension adapter for GTIR MAF sensor
New arc welder
New odyssey battery
Innovate wideband kit

Research into clutch upgrade
Try out Solarices Helix paddle clutch
DIY battery terminals Make battery casing
Relocate new battery

Resolved faulty battery grounding
New boost gauge
Boost gauge pods
Test motorbike pod air filter
http://[URL="https://www.micra.org....5251/page-16#post-439556"]Make battery casing
February 2011
Gripper LSD V1.0
190mm Helix organic clutch disc
Fit intercooler
Modify front bumper

Guide how to adjust IACV
Copper PAS cooler V1.0
Make coilover covers V2.0
Fit boost pod gauges
Re-oil BC coilover top mount pillow ball bearings

Fit copper PAS cooler V1.0
Research into 370cc injectors
http://[URL="https://www.micra.org....5251/page-16#post-439556"]Make battery casing
March 2011
Helix 180mm paddle clutch / Almera PP
Gripper LSD v2.0 with speedo gear

Upgrade from red 256cc to purple 370cc injectors
Fix loose clutch pedal
Turbo conversion plan
Buy & overhaul JE forged piston engine from Noddie
Royal purple break-in oil
Upgrade to Skyline GTS-T fuel pump
Upgrade to universal pod air filter
Paint engine cover
Replace injector nozzle pintle
Fit New Gripper LSD 2 with speedo

April 2011
Fit boost vacuum pipe
Install wideband

Remove stock engine
Swap parts over
Reinstall forged engine assembly

Copper PAS cooler V2.0
Modify rad fan
Paint dashboard black
Bed-in forged piston engine
Fit turbo
New downpipe from AAS Exhaust

Replace front & rear crank seals
Attempt to fix turbo oil drain leak
Programme wideband gauge
Weld rear silencer hanger
Make coilover covers V3.0

Replace front left wheel bearing
Front bumper mesh
Replace blown HG
Remap turbo with forged pistons at Fusion Motorsports
Dyno graph of turbocharged forged piston engine
DIY wheel alignment
Replace locking wheel nuts
Replace front crank seal
Upgrade to competition engine mounts
DIY oil catch can test
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May 2011
Swap back to Janspeed exhaust
Forged piston engine leak down test
Assess wet piston top
Fix sticky ignition switch
New engine crane
Swap over to stock engine
Tweak Nistune ECU map

June 2011

Assess forged piston engine
Overhaul stock front calipers
Respray front right wing
Turbo BOV recirculation pipe
Assess GTIR MAF VQ map
Wire brush wheel nuts
Respray bonnet
Japshow 2011

July 2011
Disassemble washer motor
Corner balance the coilovers
Teesside Autodrome track day
Paint & fit hub dust caps
New Toyo T1R
Road trip to Scottish islands

August 2011
Recirculating engine cover breather pipe
Fit red engine cover
Disassemble O2 sensor
New O2 sensor
Fix boost leak & AFR issue
New spark plugs
Compare old & new O2 warm up response
Fix worn windscreen washer pump motor
Pulsar GTIR AD22VF calliper wheel clearance measurement
Reinserted loosened RH engine mount
New outer CV boot

New fuel filter
New EBC red stuff front pads
Castle Combe track day

Inner sill & rear floor pan rust
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Castle Combe videos
Machined throttle body port grooves for silicone hose
Replace damaged turbo waste gate boost line

Sept 2011
Welded sill & floor
Fill & paint sills
Fit new boost T-bolt clamps
New catalytic converter
Research into bigger radiators
6kg BC coilover front springs
Rebuild turbo
Remap turbocharged stock engine at Fusion Motorsport
Tweak turbo map timing for stock engine & assess timing issue
Resolve turbo timing map issue
Compare Dyno Graphs of turbo remaps for forged & stock engine
Swap to stock exhaust for MOT
Replace rear brake lines for MOT

Oct 2011
New wheel nuts
New alternator belt
Fit 6kg coilover springs

Castle Combe track day
Send forged piston engine & spare engine to cousin for machining
Ordered 200mm Helix clutch
Clean & send 3-piece standard flywheel to cousin
Catch can V1.0

Dec 2011
Fixing rear demister
Change LSD oil
Wideband copper heat sink
Dizzy cap oxide & new rotor
Manual check-valve boost controller
Research into electronic boost control
Plan electronic boost control
Change LSD oil
Collect & disassemble machined forged engine

Disassemble forged engine bottom end
Assess balanced crank & rebuild bottom end of forged engine
Wash & wire brush cylinder head
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Jan 2012
Rebuild top end of forged engine
Painted engine
Research into thicker radiator
Pressure switch for boost control
Install 200mm helix clutch
Boost valve solenoid
Electronic boost control prototype
Test electronic boost control
Crimp throttle body coolant pipes
Wire brush & paint Janspeed manifold
New wideband sensor
Clean & paint gearbox
New thicker Nissen radiator for automatic K11
TB WOT switch for boost control
Install electronic boost control
Weld turbo manifold crack
Find correct fitting for turbo oil return
Sand flat manifold flange
New clutch release bearing
Wideband cooling fin

Readjust alternator from shorting out on turbo
Plan induction pipe fabrication
Practice welding pipes
Compare mild vs stainless steel plumbing cost
Action camera research
Receive SS pipes
Drift X170 action camera
Install 70mm alloy elbow on MAF/TB

Feb 2012
Ball bearing gear selector bushes
Rubbish Clarke pipe cutter
Mod mitre saw into chop saw (page 48 post 2388)
Weld 1st stainless pipe section & short shifter
Fit gear short shifter
Fabricate camera rig beam
New T1Rs
Test X170 camera rig
Fix X170 camera mic
Fabricate new stainless IC pipe work
Research into rebuilding LSD
Remove gearbox
Assess glazed paddle clutch & flywheel
Assess damaged gripper LSD
New front suspension arms
Research into inlet manifold insulating spacers
Upgrade to PU front suspension bush
Fit machined 3-piece flywheel & 200mm Helix clutch
Wedge rear engine mount

Research into oil catch can
Make Teflon inlet manifold insulating spacers
Fit LH hub with new bearing
Assess rebuilt gripper LSD
Install Teflon inlet manifold insulating spacers

200mm Helix clutch issue
Finish welding BOV port

Test new clutch & LSD
New catch can using remote oil filter
Rear chassis cross brace
Lengthen clutch mechanism stroke
Testing new cam angles
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March 2012
New cabin camera mount
Fit new T1R
Refine foot well cam
Check LSD still working
Oulton Park 2012 track day
New helmet
Assess car after Oulton, cracked front brake disc
Oulton Park data logs
Repaired windscreen chip
New Diamond Black GTIR grooved front discs
Helmet cam mount
Solid rear silencer hangers
Repaint rear sway bar
Test suspension cam & helmet cam
Fit & bed new Diamond Black grooved discs & Predator Fast Track front pads
Check brake pads & fit pad shims
Pulsar GTIR brake carrier measurement

Attempt to correct turbo map timing offset
Test rear suspension cam

April 2012
Test front suspension cam
Paint helmet black
Reset to previous turbo map
Remove sun roof cover
Assess cold start flooding
Duck tape sunroof
Resolve cold start flooding
Teesside Autodrome track day
Assess engine failure
Assess brakes & tyres
Remove stock engine
Resealed turbo drain plug

May 2012
Swap gearbox input shafts
New pair of Predator Fast Track pads
Stiffen rear engine mount with body filler
Install new forged engine
Paint & heat wrap exhaust
Start & break-in new engine
Replace valve stem seal
Drift X170 camera
Test crankcase pressure & oil ring failure
Remove forged engine
Disassemble & assess forged engine
Call JE for piston datasheet & new rings
Inspect rusty 1997 Vibe for Costa
Sourcing new JE piston rings
Overhauling valve head
Ordered XC7150 piston rings from Performance Unlimited
Check oil pump
Research into oil sump baffles
Remove front hub shroud blocking the front disc vents
Assess & cutting off standard oil sump baffle
Design custom oil baffle
Oil baffle design 1
Oil baffle design 2
Oil baffle design 3
Oil baffle design 4
Oil baffle design 5
Order new oversized main & big end bearings
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Aug 2012
New engine bearing shell issue
Cut 8mm wheel spacers from old pulsar discs
Receive & assess new remachined forged engine
Measure forged engine
Grind forged engine girdle cage
Test fit windage tray on forged engine
Measure forged engine ring end gaps
Issue with remachined engine block
Lost job
Confirmed with JE the engine clearances are too tight + future plan
Assess the blown stock engine
Redesign windage tray 9 with trapdoors
Fabricate windage tray 9
Test windage tray 9
Assemble stock engine with windage tray 9
Install stock engine
Test fit BBS alloys & R888 wheels
Rerouted boost control feed & final car assembly
Initial start & test run of turbocharged stock engine
Research into insulating induction pipes
Cover IC pipes in kitchen foil & test
Wrap IC pipes with radiator insulation shield foil
New air filter
Check leak & loose rear mount
Discover loose cam sprocket bolt & damage
Repair cam bolt thread
Paint spare engine cover
Look inside an engine cover
Plan holiday
Prepare car for road trip
Deliver forged engine to cousin for machining
Tune turbo map for MOT
Replace damaged air filter
Assess damage from leaving paper leaflet in air filter
Replace HG

Straighten bent turbo impeller blades
Flush paper debris out of intercooler

Sept 2012
Road trip to Isle of Man
Replace CV boot & clean wheel nuts
JAE 2012
Replace O2
Cone air filter shield

Found kinked fuel/brake lines under car
Turbo fails MOT emissions again
Bargain new dizzy
Swap over to stock setup for MOT
Receive new distributor

Oct 2012
Swap back to turbo
Spark gap tool
Collect new machined forged piston engine from cousin

Nov 2012
Measure forged engine bores
Calculate required ring end gaps
Assemble forged engine block
Clean coilover suspension
Repair creaking clutch cable end

Dec 2012
Research into droop limiters
New T1R
Measure old used Jun flywheel & helix paddle clutch
Nistune fuel map editing
Wideband free-air calibration trick
Plan tyre infra-red sensor
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Jan 2013
Research into infra-red sensors
Tweak turbo map
DIY laser alignment
DIY lazy-Susan swivel plates
Design custom swivel plate
Build DIY unidirectional swivel plate
DIY laser alignment procedure theory
Laser align wheels
Test LSD in snow
Droop limiter strut cover mockup
Alternator failing
Research into Ruggles Scales for corner balancing
Designing custom ruggles scale

Feb 2013
New screen washer motor
Build DIY Ruggles Scale
Broken ring land misfire
New alternator
Assess engine
Clean & lap valves
MPG analysis of N/A & turbo setups

Mar 2013
Replace rear main seal
Assess damaged LSD
Replace oil gallery copper seal
Assess rebuilt LSD
Replace gear selector rod boot
Straighten bent diff bearing cage

Sand rusty brake discs
New LSD preload readings
Engine still misfiring
Clean old 13” Nissan Ronal alloys to be posted
Plan piston ring grinder
Build DIY piston ring grinder
Grind piston ring end gaps

April 2013
Assemble forged engine
New catch can filter
Remove broken stock engine
Paint forged engine
Swap bits from stock to forged engine
Stiffen engine mounts with body filler
Paint cross member
Fit forged engine
Sand rusty brake discs & cushion battery

May 2013
Forged engine initial start & engine failure
Discover loose big end bearings
New battery
New big end bearings
Assess damaged big end bearings
Clean oil sump
Oily smoky piston & oil leak issue
Initial break-in
Broken alternator mount & electrical fault
New battery fuses

June 2013
Straighten sump edge
Repair alternator bracket
Replace front crank seal
Discover catch can was plumbed backwards
Reduced oil leak/smoke & break-in status
Temporary catch can
Loose timing cover bolts
Assess engine after 100m break-in
Test without PCV & alternator bracket fractured
Replace stiffer alternator bracket
Editing fuel map Raw values in Nistune
Replace stem seals
Adjust valve clearance shims
DIY valve stem seal extraction tool
Resume break-in, testing smoke & compression
New exh manifold gasket

Inspect bores with bore-scope
Driving through Yorkshire moors
Kitchen foil cone filter shield
Plumb PCV & crankcase breather into bottles
Smoking exhaust after prolonged idle

Upload original remap for forged turbo setup
Laser align wheels
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July 2013
Refine cold start enrichment
Assess damaged stock engine
Repair puncture
Measure stock engine condition
Compare spare engines 1 & 2
Repaint hub cap & nuts
Replace wideband copper heat sink
Overhaul rear sway bar & drop links
Disassemble belt tensioners
Replace belt tensioner bearings

Aug 2013
Purchase spare set of Rota Grid wheels for track
Replace belts
Test forged engine compression & disassemble
Remove forged engine
Measure clutch & flywheel offset from bell housing

Assess gripper LSD
Disassemble forged engine
Spare Rota Grid wheels arrive
Trying to stretch oil ring expander
Measure forged piston ring drag with electronic scale
Damaged oil ring
Measure forged piston ring end gaps
Assess forged pistons, bores & bearings
Receive new JE XC7200 rings & spare wrong posted piston set
Assess new rings
Issue returning wrongly posted JE pistons

Sept 2013
Reassemble forged engine with new oil ring expanders
Reinstall engine
Start rebuilt forged engine
Check inside rebuilt forged engine
Air filter shield
JAE 2013
Research into hotter thermostat
Install hotter 91C thermostat
Data log with hotter thermostat
Replace side indicators & check inside forged engine
Try thinner 0w30 & still wet
Relocate turbo exhaust catalyst position

Oct 2013
Pass MOT
Check engine after 0w30 oil
History of forged engine piston appearance
Victor Reinz HG

Dec 2013
Digital scales
Laser level for corner balancing
300kg digital scales for corner balancing
Corner balancing app idea
New fuel filter
Remove turbo elbow exhaust studs
Fit turbo
Weld exhaust mid support

Correcting misaligned exhaust
Replace leaking dizzy o-ring

Clean seized rear calliper carrier
Clean rear coilover spring

Correcting misaligned exhaust & rear bump stop
Overhaul seized rear calliper
Overhaul front struts
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Jan 2014
Corner balance coilovers
Clean steering arm threads
Fit spare wheels to resolve steering pull
New predator FT pads
Leaking tyre valve
Make adjustable wheel platforms
Cut inside a fuel filter
Rebalance & realign suspension
Reinforce rear parcel shelf
Leaking radiator

Fix leaking radiator
Received fake ebay radiator
Change to alloy catch can mount

Trim rattling bonnet
Elvington Airfield track day
Elvington Airfield lap times
Engine cover oil leak
Inspect cylinder after track day, reseal dizzy, replace brake pads

Feb 2014
Tighten loose boot latch rivet
Rear suspension knock
Edit cold start enrichment
Compare cold start settings
Convert gear selector to ball bearing

Mar 2014
New trailing arm bolts
Compare insurance quotes
Replace trailing arm bolts
Replace air filter

Apr 2014
Replace spark plug, random misfire
Swap injectors
Assess oil consumption
Reseal engine cover
Reattach heater diverter cable
Heater diverter operation
Remove front wings for painting
Clean & paint engine bay top
Repaint cross member
Repaint front end
Tighten bonnet hinge
Replace wiper linkages
Trim wing panel

May 2014
Repaint front wings
Repaint bonnet
Replace track rod cover
Swap & repaint tyres, puncture
Repaint strut brace
Replace left outer CV boot
Adjust rear boot
Test raised bonnet aerodynamics

June 2014
Cadwell Park track day
Make wheel spacers from old brake disc
Nistune ECU map comparisons
Fix gear stick return spring
Compression history
Oil consumption history
Corner balance & align suspension
Rusted sills

July 2014
Weld sills & corner balance suspension
Finish welding sills
Fit rose jointed drop links
Remove seized rear caliper bolts
Corner balance suspension
Rebuild rear calipers
2014 Mablethorpe District Motor Club Auto Triathlon
Worn rose joint drop links
Test fit longer wheel studs, remove rear spash plate

Aug 2014
Realign wheels
2014 Cadwell Park Modified Live
Reinforce TB MAF clamp
Rattling brake pedal
Modify E-Prance 1080p Dashcam

Sept 2014
Patch torn seat, receive Federal 595RS-R
JAE 2014
Clutch cable failure
New clutch cable & exhaust gasket
Ratchet spanners
Partially seal leaking spark leads
Leaking exhaust manifold
Remove turbo
Cusco lower strut brace failure, swap to standard setup
Compare stock vs turbo setup issues
Reinforce clutch pedal bracket
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Jan 2015
Replace engine cover gasket
New 3D printer
Disassemble master cylinder
Receive & build 3D printer
Repair/replace 3D printer extruder tensioner
Print HT lead clips
Assess steering drift due to uneven tread depth
RH suspension arm failure
Remove & assess RH suspension arm failure
Fit new RH suspension arm

Feb 2015
Lube clutch cable, fix oil cap
Redesign 3D printer extruder, upgrade hot end, fit new engine cover gasket
Print catch can 9
Fix punctures
Print catch can 14
Print & vapour smooth & test catch can 3
Puncture, remove old filter catch can, worn wiper motor
Print catch can v-band clip
Test catch can & issue at work
Print wiper spoilers

Mar 2015
Assess catch can result
Work issue
Print catch can 18
Disassemble Micra master cylinder & Primera master cylinder
Upgrade MC
Disassemble brake servo & fit Citreon C3 MC
Print & test catch can 4
Assess compression & LSD preload
Print broken glove box lock
Assess catch can result
OBP brake bias adjuster & Dot 5.1 fluid
Redesign Andys Celica glove box hinge
Replace wideband sensor
Replace cracked windscreen
Plan brake lines rerouting
Fit Citreon C3 master cylinder servo, trim fuel regulator edge, remove old brake lines
Print Andys Celica glove box hinge
Fit new front brake lines
Remove ABS unit
Install brake bias adjuster & internal brake lines
Remove rear washer line, fit rear brake lines
Overhaul rear callipers & clutch cable
New front pads
Remove old fuel lines
New rear brake discs, rear calliper rebuild kit, rebuild fuel lines

Apr 2015
Rebuild rear callipers
Remove ABS loom
Trim calliper bleed screws, test drive new brake system
Bleed MC
Print catch can 23
New lower strut brace
Assess catch can location
Blyton Park April 9th
Blyton Park April 11th
Micra strut tower dimensions
Adjustable throttle pedal
Disassemble old rear brake load compensator
Disassemble ABS modulator
Turbo manifold jig
Assess completely worn front brake pads
New brake pads, assess brake wear
New air filter
Faulty alternator connection driving to Cadwell park
Remove ABS sensor cables, rear chassis rust, rear left BC damper failure
Print phone holder
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May 2015
Assess catch can
Print catch can 24
Catch can mount plate
Assess catch can operation
New OEM Pulsar GTIR front discs
Repaint wheel nuts, lower brace & lock wheel caps
Assess compression, LSD preload & oil loss
Prepare car for wedding
Refurbish Rota Grid wheels
Trace oil leak with UV oil dye
Assess worn coilover pillow ball top bearing
Machined OEM Pulsar GTIR discs
Fit new OEM GTIR discs
Fix broken horn wires, bed front brakes
Personal crisis
Replace engine cover allen screws, turbo manifold jig
Print catch can 24
Replace BC V1 coilover pillow ball top mount
Weld turbo manifold, fix alternator wire
Refine upper alternator mount, refine alternator wiring
Machined open-end wheel nuts
Changed PAS fluid
New sports seats
Visit Santa pod
Extended rear wheel studs & spacers

June 2015
Weld stainless turbo inlet pipe, custom dipstick
Overhaul lower adjustable trailing arms
Compare stock & 200mm clutch fitment on JUN flywheel
Pedal cam mount & LED light strip
Dismantling a reclining sports seat
Repaint track day wheels
Insulated turbo inlet pipe
Weld sports seat sub-frame
Remove gearbox & clutch to machine JUN flywheel
T2 turbo 10mm turbo flange, fix rear engine mount, reinforce clutch cable bracket
Weld turbo manifold with thicker flange
Relocate catch can
Relocate horns
New oil gallery seal, new rear BC V1 dampers, machined JUN flywheel for 200mm clutch
Fit new rear dampers, catch can heat shields
Corner balance suspension
Fit black track day wheels
Catch can test flow path
Tyre wear rate history
Blyton Park Eastern Circuit

July 2015
Changed engine & gear oil, assess brake pad wear
Assess leaking spark plug holes
Repair stainless turbo inlet pipe mount
Reshape sports seat foam base, pedal foot rest
Japshow 2015
Check brake pad wear, fit exhaust cat, weld lip on boost pipe, stiffen rear engine mount
USB camera power supply, organise engine bay loom
Crimp & repair engine bay loom wiring
Install cameras & power supply
Reinforce turbo outlet elbow
Blyton Park track day
Assess exhaust manifold gasket leak
Weld turbo manifold
Sand & fit turbo, trim alternator backing
New spark plugs, replace RH CV boot, replace front & rear pads, front LH arm failure
Assess LH suspension arm failure
Brake pad wear history
Reinforce lower suspension arms
Fit new suspension arm, replace headlight bulbs, replace windscreen washer jets
Burn out old T1Rs
Fit new T1R tyres
Corner balance suspension
300W inverter for cameras
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Jan 2016
Print alarm remote control casing
Assess compression & LSD preload
Loose rear mount bolt
Assess brake pads, loose driveshaft & change gearbox seal
3D print vacuum cleaner nozzle
3D print desolder pump nozzle
3D print SSD memory casing
Stiffen 3D printer bed from 3-point to 4-point mount

Feb 2016
3D printer bed insulation & replace burnt power connector
repair broken rear door handle
3D print Starwars models for friends funeral
Assess catch can gunk
Trim rear extended wheel studs
Seal leaking turbo oil drain with epoxy
Assess oil catch can

Mar 2016
3D print helmet camera casing
3D print glove box lock
check onboard cameras & smoking exhaust
Assess brakes & tyres
Blyton Park track day
Assess catch can & loose boost pipe
Change engine & LSD oil
Mental symptom diagnosis
Awesome Mariah Carey concert
Visit GP for mental diagnosis
Measure cars acoustic loudness
3D print engine mount stiffeners V1.0

Apr 2016
3D print engine mount stiffeners V1.0 for Matt Endean
Weld rusted rear chassis
New Clarke 135TE MIG Welder
Stick welder cable management
Clarke 135TE wire feed rate
Assess catch can
Print catch can 37
Sun roof rattle
Weld raised bonnet hinge
Weld rusty front wings
Welding helmet LED
Repaint front wings
Repaint sills
Print sat nav mount V2.0
Japfest 2016
Change coolant, oil smoke issue
Smoking exhaust
swapped back to standard setup
Inspect leaking turbo
Assess turbo oil plumbing

May 2016
Check if exhaust still smokes with standard setup
Order new turbo AN fittings
Turbo Technic issue, reorder new S116 turbo from CGB Motorsport
Inspect new S116 turbo
Prepare new turbo
Receive new turbo AN fittings
Fix turbo oil drain fitting issue
Print AN fitting jaws, weld new AN bung into oil sump
Install new turbo
Repaint engine cover
Hammerite smooth red issue
Install turbo oil feed & drain hoses
Check if turbo stops smoking & inspect turbo oil leak
Jap Day 2016
New wideband sensor
Inspect turbo oil leak
Test solid front engine mounts
Reseal turbo oil fittings
Teesside Autodrome track day 2016
Check brakes & tyres
Teesside Autodrome lap time history
change engine & LSD oil
Relocate oil catch can
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Jun 2016
Print catch can 42
Convert Max Plestors Pulsar short shifter to ball bearing
Print clutch cable extension collar
Test catch can condensation
Print sat nav mount V3.0
Relocate catch cans behind headlight
Organise engine bay fuse box loom
Print catch can 43
Weld engine crane valve handle
Weld seat sub-frame
Rear boot vents
Tune cold start enrichment
Install standard 82C thermostat

July 2016
Repaint bumpers
Weld tow hook
Polish Rota Grid wheels & exhaust with rubbing compound
Japshow 2016
Tune Andys BMW & K11 1.4SE
New mini lathe
Machine grinding wheel shaft
Mini lathe quick change & carbide tips
Machine tight brass collar for loose LSD driveshaft
Check LSD preload
Check mini lathe chuck
Machine bicycle chain guide

Aug 2016
Machine tight steel collar for loose LSD driveshaft
ECU speed sensor toggle switch
Ride Height & tyre comparisons
Refine grinding wheel rest
Fix RH engine mount bolt
Replace front brake pads
Repaint track day wheels black
Catch can enclosure
Machined collars for brake disc & wheels
Pulsar GTIR MAF connector clip
New outer CV joints
Weld cracked cross member
Stiffen engine centre beam
Replace outer CV joints
Petrol & Pistons show 2016 at Croft
inspect brakes & tyres & suspension geometry
Help strip Andys K11 1.4SE
Detailed comparison with Neil Jackson Nismo March G#
Calculate roll centre
Fit boot gas struts onto bonnet

Sept 2016
New polishing machine
Weld new exhaust flexi-pipe
Grind new HSS lathe tips
Machine spark plug tube oil seal collars
JAE 2016
Overhaul coilover suspension
Repair rusty rear spring chassis perch
Sew coilover covers
Machined clutch cable extension collar
Passed MOT
Dismantle worn rear hub
New rear hub
Machined wheel studs & wheel nuts
New fuel filter
Print engine mount stiffener inserts

Oct 2016
UK road trip 2016
Repair front engine mount
Print HT lead mounts for Neal Jacksons Nismo March
Machined end caps for Ralph
Machined oil dip stick
Miniature helmet cam
Print catch can 44

Nov 2016
New headlights
Machined shaft for Ralph
Compare & swap headlight parts
Make inlet manifold insulating spacers for Matthew Elliot
Print catch can 45
Tried a few therapists, started a part time job in post room during xmas season
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