N Sport. Any good ?

Been looking for a new daily - and the best deal I have been offered is on a 3 year old n sport ....

The deal I have been offered means the n sport works out a lot better deal than the standard accenta.

I'm a bit wary of keyless entry, and the fact that the car has had 2owners in the less than 3 years .(21k miles)

Anything to watch for with this model ?
With keyless the moment you get an indication on the dashboard, low battery ,get a new key battery . It is easy to change. I changed cars over in June 23 having put my Qashqai in part exchange. Very pleased with car except the rather harsh ride owing to the tightened suspension and worn front tyres being 3mm and 4mm.. I could hear the tyre noise when driving on the front nearside. Today I had 2 new tyres fitted to the front being Hankook Ventus S1. The car is now a lot quieter and gives a better ride. No complaints now re front tyres , If you get a good deal you can always upgrade tyres like I have done. Cost £226 fully fitted.. The car is very easy to park and visibility from the driving seat is first class. Very pleased with my change over and acceleration is good with many controls the same as the Qashqai.