Micra K11 key programming

Hi guys

I'd like to know how hard it is to program a new/used key to a '99 Micra, as i currently have a red chip key and a blue chip key, but i want to try and design a case that's printable in resin and resembles that style of key (but without the remote part) so folks can clip it in in a trimmed key. Of course i don't want to get to a point where i can't start the car one day because of breaking one key and losing the other, so a third key is the logical option.

I have a Consult adapter, and while I don't currently have access to the OEM software, i might be able to get it if needed. However, if it can be done without the OEM software and something like ECUTalk works, or even with just the car, the better. The car has central locking, which also makes me think about if the keys with remote can be paired to this car, as it never came with a remote so i can't try.

Thanks to anyone that can help!
I tried yesterday to get the car into fob programming mode and didn't have any luck so i guess there's that, i shouldn't worry about a fob. However i'm still interested about the key situation.