JAE 2015 - Discussion Thread!


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Well i'm all packed up and ready to go. See you all in around 3-4 hours :)


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Over 250 photos on my Facebook, have a look! I'll start putting them on the Instagram today and try and make them all public to you all :)

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I didn't like the new venue at all to be honest. They're obviously trying to expand and it's early days but it was pretty disappointing.

Nothing to do with the MSC, it was good to meet all that were there not getting seriously rained on but there were some major shortcomings compared to previous shows.

There was a blatant lack of trade stands, hardly anything to eat, everything was spread out on the 4 winds and I STILL can't believe the Skyline Owners Club only had 2 cars show up.........that will stay with me for quite some time!

Perhaps I'm getting old but I think you're much more likely to find me beating it around a race circuit than you are at a show.
Ahhhh that's a shame you should of just butted in :D xx
Ah not a problem, took some pics, and got a few ideas too! There was lots of interest from people, lots of conversations going on. I did plan on coming back later but then we got the beers out on the TB stand and set up our crime scene / alien crash site / wtf and laughed our asses off until we went to bed.

I did think you guys were right out on a limb there, more so than us! It's early days on a new site, so maybe get to the reps meet next year and get a plot closer to the action.

Your car display did look pretty good, you represented the Micra really well which is what these events are about.

May have to come hang out with you guys next year in the pickup if you will have me.




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Ooo you'll have to put the pictures up :)
But is was a shame we couldn't have a chat

It was nice in the a way to be out a bit as then we didn't have to worry about upsetting other clubs in the early hours of the morning :)

We shall look forward to seeing it and yourself sir!!
Once again though sorry :( xx
Hi everyone,

For us the adventure was a "little" ;) bigger because we had a lot of luggage, 2 not so small guys and a trip of total 900miles.
But the trip went much better then expected! The little Micra is surprisingly comfy when it's loaded!
The seats were okay, the sunroof was nice and we had an average consumption of 40MPG!
Not to bad nevertheless the gearbox is to short for motorway use, we where stuck in a BIG traffic jam in London and the diagnostic work at the meeting. We also discovered that there is a fuel light on the dash but it doesn't work lol.

We arrived late friday night (because of the trafficjam) and my co-pilot was tired, but I was to excited so I went walking around and found the Micra stand. Had a little chat with PollyP and went to bed.
Saturday I came on "visit" with the Micra, and it could count on a lot of attention!
The little Micra was the centre of "mocking" at the Belgian/Netherlands camping-site but everybody was surprised what kind of attention the car got here! :cool:
The PollyP did a tune-up of the whole car, together with the rest of the crew! All fluids were checked (and added!) and the sensors where checked by the diagnostic tool of PollyP. When the little Micra purr better then ever, we did a little photoshoot with the car of MicraPro and I got a shotgun ride with the BOOOOOOSST Micra of PollyP. What a superb little cart that is! Lovely!
Thank you all for the warm welcome and assistance. I appreciate it a lot, I'm even considering to join your spot next year...

Trip to the Uk!
2015-09-11 07.09.02.jpg

Waiting for the boat!
2015-09-11 09.40.11.jpg

On the boat next to a also English made Jenson!
2015-09-11 09.49.56.jpg

On the Micra stand!
2015-09-12 16.41.45.jpg
2015-09-12 16.58.04.jpg
2015-09-12 17.00.58.jpg
2015-09-12 17.02.24.jpg
2015-09-12 17.09.12.jpg
2015-09-12 17.15.09.jpg


2015-09-12 17.56.24.jpg

Time to say goodbye to the family...


Fireworks! (I still have the pictures in .RAW format, if you like some particular, let me know and I fine tune them)



Back to the mainland!

2015-09-13 08.16.05.jpg
2015-09-13 10.27.35.jpg


2015-09-13 20.24.23.jpg


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That's just weird :confused: I thought it was a car show. ..
It is a car show, doesn't mean you cant actually have some fun too. Unless you're against that sort of thing ;)

People were dressed as cowboys and Indians. Last year we were pirates.

The common theme us probably alcohol.




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I still haven't unpacked either... I should probably get on that at some point.
I'll get my photos on the photo thread tonight, fantastic shots Kefke! Was great to meet you.