GA16DE in a K11 using CG throttlebody/afm/idle control


Dr. Zoidberg
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Hey Fusion

I'm thinking of doing a GA16DE conversion into a Super S. My question is though, to use the Micra's ECU and original NATs settings, I've been told you have to use the CG13 throttlebody, afm and idle control. I was also told you'll lose about 6hp in the process.

My question is, however, will the CG style throttlebody give bad restraints to the engine? I was planning on turbo'ing the engine at some point aswell (inspiration came from the chap with the silver facelift who had his GA16 turbo'd with you guys :grinning:). If it really is a big constraint, will a non NATs GA16 run straight off of the NATs ECU without modification?

Sorry for the huge long winded question, I just wanted to get my facts straight before I went ahead and bought parts. :grinning:

Cheers guys!
May someone post the link where a thread with a detailed 1.6 conversion? I've been searching for it but I end up in threads with more questions. Thank you!