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Advice on HOW TO SELL here!

I really want to sell my K11 Micra! It is too good to scrap!
I have had it for 26 years, nearly from new. It has an MOT until Jan 2024. No major dents or rust!
The reason I need to sell is that I am 75 now, have arthritis and need an automatic car,
plus I live in the ULEZ zone, (Lewisham, South East London).
She needs the 'throttle body' rebuilt, and gets a bit jolty when warm.
However, as I said, I need a different car, so it would not be worth me spending on that.
I cannot find out, on the website, how to join the Micra Club, so that I can sell on there, or how much it costs.
Please advise!
I have sold all mine & my families old bangers, (eight), for cash in my local area during the last (15) years on Gumtree Cars Free Adds.

Write a good upbeat sales positive add with all the good bits & six good positive photos & every time the jobs a goodun , sold & gone in days with no snags.

K11 Micras sell like hot cakes for full asking price

What is key is to make clear your location area to avoid long distance time wasters & use a landline/mobile stating that you do not text.

All set to reel in the punter applicants for a rigorous selective phone interview to select out the none serious chancer dreamers with silly offers.

You may get 10 to 15 calls but you only need to meet & deal with the one serious applicant who really wants it & make sure they are prepared to bring the ready cash.

Used Cars-for-sale for Sale | Used Cars | Gumtree

Good hunting. :)
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